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For more specific installation videos, please scroll down. If you have a video of your iBoard installation and would like to share it with iArmor community, please send us the video link. Once approved, we will reference it on our site with a link to your video.

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We need your iArmor installation videos for Silverado + GMC Trucks

Installation Tips

Here is a list of commonly asked questions, about installing iArmor Rocker boards.

Do I need any extra hardware to install iArmor steps.

iArmor comes with all the hardware necessary to install. Running Boards + Mounting Hardware + All the nuts and Bolts required for your vehicle.

Do I need to drill or make adjustment to my car?

For most cars, iArmor mounting bracketsĀ fit factory slots. so no drilling is required. Very few limited vehicles need custom drilling. please contact us to see if it fits your vehicle. or browse through the application list.

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